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About the “Letter to a Site Host”

This is an example letter that may be sent to the web site server that is hosting the site that is infringing upon your copyright.

For future reference, it is important to keep a copy of the letter and all exchanged correspondence.

Please remember that in all contacts and correspondence regarding copyright infringement, always maintain a professional demeanor providing only the relevant details in a succinct and organized manner.

Refrain from emotional pleas or threats: copyright infringement is a matter of law and issues regarding protecting your rights should be handled with a business like attitude.

PLEASE NOTE: You must find the correct ISP/host (see “Copyright: How do I find out who is hosting a website?”) first.

Then you must determine if they have a “Interim Designated of Agent” who handles their copyright claims. This information would be located on the host’s website under “Terms of Service” or “Code of Conduct” etc.

If no agent is found, the Notice of Claimed Infringement should be sent to the specified address found within their Terms or Code.

The letter is an example; it does however, contain all the specific legal requirements for making a Notice of Claimed Infringement.

R.I.G.H.T.S. grants permission for the reproduction of this letter shown below either in part or in whole without credit, link or attribution provided that the reproduction is for the sole purpose of contacting a site host.


Notice of Claimed Infringement
Month 00, 2000

To whom it may concern:

Your company hosts a website located at http://www.address.com containing graphics copyrighted to and owned by me as the creator of Site Name located at http://www.myaddress.com.

I very specifically state the terms of use for my graphics; these terms of use can be reviewed at http://www.yourterms.com.

I have contacted the site owner on Month 00, 2000, requesting compliance with my terms and have stipulated that they should cease and desist the use of my graphics by removing them from the web site. I granted a 72 hour window of opportunity for the removal of my graphics but as of this date, the graphics remain on the site; a copy of my initial email to the site owner appears below.

The graphics that are in violation on their site (which are owned by me) can be found on my site and is specifically indicated as copyrighted to me at http://www.setaddress.com; these graphics are entitled “Set Name”.

Therefore, the use of my graphics on the web page hosted at your site is illegal under copyright law and forbidden under my terms of use.

I am prepared to sign and fax to you a prepared statement of ownership indicating that the information provided by me, Your Full Name Here, is accurate and *under penalty of perjury* I state that I have exclusive and/or licensed rights to the material in question. I am legally authorized and represent myself, as I am the licensed owner of the copyrighted material.

In reviewing your site’s terms of service, you indicate the following regarding copyright violations:

” xxxxxxxx CUT & PASTE THEIR OWN TERM HERE xxxxxxxx”

Therefore, I am seeking your immediate intercession with this matter.

Please remedy this offense with either:

(1) Your immediate contact with the site owner demanding the prompt removal of the graphics owned by and copyrighted to me or (2) that you remove the site itself and/or my graphic files from your server.

Your expeditious attention to this matter is greatly appreciated as I find no other recourse for remedy without undertaking legal action.

Please understand that this letter is not a warning or threat. It is being sent to you as part of a legal process that must be followed in an effort to maintain my legal rights. You can put an immediate stop to this process by acting in accordance with this offer of good faith.


Your Name
Your Website Name
Reply to: You@email.com

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